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In general, it is not necessary to select the top-notch candidates to select those who are extremely scarce. Scientist Xiao Li, welding workers Pharaoh, photography blogger Liu are the industry leader. That being the case, had to evaluate according to their scarcity. For the current society, the welding master and photographer of essential, but in the field of life science among the international academic frontier is more rare. Therefore, according to my point of view, in these three people, Mike's style even better.
Style of the original evaluation criteria is a matter of opinion. Xiao Li, Pharaoh and Xiao Liu's work standards are beyond the ordinary people, but also belong to three completely different areas, this should not be used to comment on a match. Can imagine is to practice as a "great craftsman", Pharaoh paid much sweat, how much metal can be welded to achieve! Bashansheshui looking for the scenery of Liu, but also paid much time and energy, before the world to capture the beauty of the world ... ... to achieve such a state of people behind the industry will not lack of love, dedication to the goal, and unremitting efforts . Such people are worthy of our admiration and learning.
Therefore, the only industry context, the choice of Mike, is taking into account our actual situation - the urgent needs of advanced life sciences. Human beings never get rid of the outside world from the threat of life. Recently, the introduction of MERS from South Korea into China has caused pan